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Chirkin ke Sher

Which Hyderabadi hasn’t heard about Chirkin.

Dr. Bindeswar Pathak, author of History of Toilets, and Founder of  Sulabh Movement presented a paper at International Symposium on Public Toilets held in Hong Kong on May 25-27, 199 in which he writes that

The Urdu poet Chirkin in India was not well recognized by his poet fraternity.  Out of vengeance and to create embarrassment he wrote on human waste and farting.  I venture to share with you the following English version translated from Urdu-the language in which he wrote.

“The asset which I will earn
now will all be invested in Toilet
This time when I visit your home,
I will never ‘pee’ there.”

Here’s one more sher by Chirkin

Chilkan-E-Mehfil Mein
Is Khadar Aana Hua
Pehle Thodi Aithan Hui
Phir Jam Ker Paikhana Hua


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